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"The Mu Rhythm Bluff"

A Novel By Jonathan Mitchell

I have written a novel called "The Mu Rhythm Bluff". Some are lucky at cards, some are lucky at love. Drake Dumas is autistic and is neither. Though he loves to play poker he nearly always loses. He's also nearly 50 years old and still a virgin. He hears about a revolutionary brain wave training and transcranial magnetic stimulation experiment which he hopes will mitigate his autism.

Instead, it turns him into a winning poker player, unbeatable by anyone else. Somehow, his popularity with women seems to change after he becomes proficient at poker. However, whenever he succeeds with a new woman it seems that his poker skills vanish.

He wonders why he can't be both lucky at cards and at love. He must find a way to accomplish both.

However, a beguiling journalist can't seem to leave him alone. Will she cause trouble for Drake? Also, Drake, in the process, learns something about himself and about love in the process.

if interested you can purchase at copy on amazon

Email me at Jmitch955@AOL.COM.

Copyright 2004, Jonathan Mitchell - All Rights Reserved.