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About Jonathan Mitchell

My name is Jonathan Mitchell, I was born in Los Angeles in 1955 and I have a mild autism spectrum disorder.

I am a writer, have written 23 short stories, a novel and several nonfiction pieces. I have posted some of my work on this web site I hope that you will take the time to read some of my work and I thank you in advance for doing so

I have a unique point of view in that I wish there were a cure for autism (of course I don't think it will happen in my lifetime) For that reason and others, I have a low opinion of neurodiversity. I also have a low opinion of special ed and ABA and a number of other simplistic easy quick fix answers for autism. ergo, I have something to piss off everyone. That is why I call myself autism's gadfly.

I used to work as a medical transcriptionist but due to difficulties being able to make a living due to my autism I have retired for the time being. Don't forget to sign my Guestbook!

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